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Jul 31, 2010

Is that love

Is that Love?

I never felt this before .Earlier I used to tease the guys when they say “I miss her da”.

I wondered, what does it mean?.

And now, when my wife is away from me, I am just thinking about her only. I am  longing for the time we spent together. I am eagerly awaiting her return.

Is that love …………………………

Jun 17, 2010

The Name

The name

It is a baby girl. Finally we concluded with our own assumptions.

Ramya and I expected a baby boy based on our own and also some previous experiences shared by other parents.

Earlier, the moments of the baby in the womb indicated that it is boy or we felt that it should be a boy.

Now, based on further indications, we are expecting a baby girl.

My father named me Petchinathan as my paternal grandfather’s name is Petchinatha Pillai..My brother and sister also sharing a common name with my maternal grandparents.
My sister named her son Tarun Kailash . It was no way connected to her in laws or our parents.
As it is common in this part of world to name the name of your parents to the children , I decided to follow.

When it was a boy, I decided to name as Subramaniya. Subramaniya Pillai is my father’s name and it is my father in law’s name too. But now …
I can name Viveka, my mother’s name .But Ramya may not like .I don’t like my mother in law’s name –Velam.
I suggested some good names.” Ramya we can name the girl “Krishna “.Krishna-a common name for the boy.

“Promise me, you don’t have any back story on this name”…Ramya asked firmly.

Now I have to make a promise every time whenever I am saying any name.

And the search is on till the delivery ……….

May 25, 2010

Nothing Specific

Nothing Specific

Suddenly I remember my blog. Some months back, I used to post one or two posts in a month. All of a sudden, I stopped...The reason …Nothing specific. May be don’t had the good content. May be I lost the urge of blogging .May be the Happiness of Marriage life doesn’t not allow me to think beyond.

Anyways, I always believe Blogging / writing is a mental disorder