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Dec 18, 2007

The Temple business

The Temple business

I frequently visit nearby temples whenever more time to kill. Though prayers to the deity are main agenda, I look after the premises of the temple most of the time.

One day, I have gone to a newly constructed temple and observed the things closely. The temple entrance was flooded by people as it was an auspicious day. I looked around the temple .There are flower shops and other related shops for pooja. The shops are doing brisk business. People are bargaining hardly for a better price. It just reminds me a vegetable market.

Inside the temple, a marriage was going on at the mandapam.The mandapam is in the corner side of the temple, which is for marriage, ear piercing, nose piercing and for the related family functions. Some people, who were watching the temple, comment the bride’s jewels and her.

A billboard is hanging in one of the pillars. It announces that yoga classes are being conducted every weekend with fee in the temple.

People in a particular uniform with name card in their shirts regulate the crowd. They are in the payroll of the temple.

The other corner of the temple is having a book shop, a prasadam depot and some other shops meant for poojas.Besides this, special dharsan counter, booking offices also there.
Here also shops were doing good business. Crowd and noise everywhere.

I am thinking about the modern-day, new era temples.

It is like a factory. An industry. A commercial place. People are coming, praying, get entertained, attending functions, doing shopping, boys seeing girls ,a spot for “ Bridegroom looks the bride without knowing the girl “( Ponnu parkum padalam), attending marriages and so on and finally a business transaction is running in undercurrent.

Peaceful temples, where we can find tranquility, get direct connection between god and us will be a day dream in future.

A temple in the outskirts of the city or town having a rare presiding deity with amble space, just like a mall, having car parking area is a golden fortune.

Don’t get surprised, one day NRI’s will leave their jobs and set to start a temple business and will run the temple like a family business.

The day will come, when big corporate will announce the business plan for their newly acquired temples.

From the family of staunch believer of god, I am now becoming a rationalist.

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