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Nov 7, 2009

Creative & Innovative

Creative & Innovative

As soon as I circulated my wedding invitation, the comments poured on me from various estates.

“First time I am seeing such an innovative and a new way of invitation”

“Innovative “
“ Whose idea “

“ It is just like a Purchase manager’s Invitation”


“Out of box Novel Invitation”

“You invitation sounds good”

“Good thought on the presentation of the invitation”

When thinking back, I asked myself what prompted me to go with this invitation..
First, I don’t want go for a normal wedding invitation. I was sure that, my wedding invitation should be different from the normal one.. Again I don’t want to use any borrowed phrases from Google...

I written the card in such a way, which should resemble my professional, work That s all.
I really don’t see any creative and innovative way here.
As I know my self, I will do a invitation card like this only…Those people, who don’t know me, may wonder that I am not the brain behind this.

For me , it is invitation …that’s all.

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