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Sep 20, 2007

MY TRAVEL ACCOUNT: True incidents of a Traveling professional

MY TRAVEL ACCOUNT: True incidents of a Traveling professional

Preface :

" What is your hobby?" the interviewer asked me. I said " Traveling " ..
" Hey come on ... traveling is a hobby ? I am not convinced ..explain me"

I started " Sir, travel is not a simple thing . You need loads of energy for any kind of travel.You have to physically fit .Your mental strength should also be there.

You can face any tragedies or something unwanted or unguaranteed while travel.You have to be prepared and ready for this .It need lot of guts also.I believe and have all these ,thats why I choose traveling is a hobby.And now it becomes my profession also.

Sir, I am a traveling professional " I proudly proclaimed.

This is my routine answer in as many as interviews I have attended.The fate of the interview is not the scope of this story.The point is knowingly or unknowingly , I have to travel a lot in my profession.

I am not saying that I am passionate about travel. But over the period , I developed interest in travel and now it is my bread winner.

Everyone have different experience while traveling and mine also not a usual one.

Variety of experience , I faced put me to type this story and I believe I will not overboard in my travel account.

When Man proposes and God also proposes...........

Every time before getting into the bus or train , I pray to god . It is not for the pleasant and safe trip. It is for a beautiful girl who should be my co passenger or sitting next to me.As always God disposes my wish and place any old lady or man or a alcoholic or someone whom I hate at first sight itself.

I reached the bus station and got my reserved seat. I put my back and bag in the seat and prayed .As always I am waiting for the girl.

Minutes passed.Suddenly a beautiful girl got into the bus and came toward me.Yes, she checked the ticket . ''Yeyee''.. I thanked god. She has to sit next to me.She turned back , then only I found her father was also there behind her.

Her father asked me" Give me your ticket, I need to check , because, my daughter has booked this seat and the adjacent seat should be alloted to lady passenger only " he told.

He found that no issue in my ticket . He went back with his daughter to get the driver and the conductor.

I turned around and found all the passengers are male expect this girl.All the seat were filled.
The conductor also checked the ticket again, and confirmed my seat. He admitted , it was a mistake and said the father that it was the last to Bangalore , so your daughter should travel this bus only otherwise cancel this ticket.

The father in angry mood left the bus and the girl occupied the seat next to me.. hooreeeeeeeeee... i screamed inside me,.

The bus started now and moving slowly. I took almost care that I should not touch her .I sat in the seat in such a manner.

Suddenly the father got into running bus with a policeman , the bus stopped .
Everyone looking at them. The father came to his daughter and said " Veena ,do you know Ravi uncle, He is working in the nearby station only,. Take his no .. 9940679933...." The policeman said.. " dont worry , I will take care ". With a eye on me, Both left the bus.

I got the point after seeing the girl's face.Actually, she did not know the policeman,May be the father also dont know about him.

But he conveyed a message." If you misbehave with my girl , then you will be punished. See.. I have police friends .." ..' Oh God am I looking like a rowdy or a mischief .." I asked myself..

The bus was running fast.Everyone got into sleep except me and the girl.

Suddenly, her leg touched me ..She was removing her shoes,,.. She said sorry. I told " Its ok"..
I thought that, If I made a similar thing, what will be happened. Oh.. may be or may not be , she can make a loud cry.. Police station came to my mind.I realized my dangerous position now.

I stretched my legs as much as possible and by this I could not touch her during the course of the travel.I narrowed my body to avoid rubbing her shoulder.I sat in the seat edge . I could not sit comfortably. If I did that, I will definitely touch her .

The girl started sleeping .But I could not not. I feared that if I sleep , I will put mu hands on her..." No.. I will not sleep " I told myself.

And I have not slept all the 6 hours of journey.. When the bus reached Hosur ,I got up from my seat without taking a look at the girl and ran away from the bus.Alas ! I have escaped ..Thank God...

This gave me a new lesson. Every time I prayed god.. He refused. But this time he blessed me ..But I realised the truth.

During 6 hours of travel, my mind was not in a stable position.I could not make a move from my seat. I could not touch my co passenger. I could not sleep.The pain and the mental agony can never be explained ..never.

'God has the finest things for everyone.He knows yourself better than you...I can not behave mis chiefly with a girl who is siting next to me.The policeman, was just a reminder only, I am not that kind of character .." I told myself.,..Yes it is true..

Nowadays ,I pray god " dont make a female as a co passenger , even if a alcoholic, I will accept, but not a girl or lady...

I smelled the god's smile.

guys , the real story ended here.But I add some fictional elements with three different screen.

screen 1.

The girl started sleeping .But I could not not. I feared that if I sleep , I will put mu hands on her..." No.. I will not sleep " I told myself.
Suddenly a boy in my age came to me from the back seat and said " Mate , she is my girl.. could you please go to seat no 20.."
Now the girl smiled and said '' He is Ram boy friend "...
I got into the seat 20. The face of the angry father came into my mind.. ' Poor father(s) ,I said.

Screen 2.

The next day, Veena with her friends and explained the night incidents.
'' you know rooba , He is a timid guy.. He even did not have a look at me. he simply sitting . I even touched his leg.. But he behaved like a wood. A very bad trip ..."

Screen 3 .( he he kolywood masala inspired this )

Suddenly the girl wake up and asked me "' could you please give your email id.. if you dont mind ... " I gave my email id and asked nothing..
The next day I received a email.. The email goes like this,...

" Friend .. I dont know who are you..But I know that you are gentleman,.I realised that how safe I was while traveling with a guy like you..You never misbehaved and disturbed me. But I was moved by you.
Thank you.,. By the way I like you,,,,,...
If possible,,please do reply..."

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