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Sep 19, 2007

The email stories:1 - 98M27:An Autobiography

This was one of the series of mails I sent to my friends while working in Vibromech, I give the exact mail here.

from Karthika Petchinathan

subject Story of a unusal past

Period :1999-2000Petchi: The Asli Hero

'' It was a rainy day.Pazhangkanantham ,the place where we were waiting for the bus .After the failed competition in a Madurai college, we all returned back to the college........

....The empty bas came and we got the seat also.As usual I took a back seat........The bus was ready to geared up. The climate was perfect to romance.Suddenly, I saw the girl ,who was fighting with a fruit vendor in the bus stand.I identified her. She was my college mate and I had a very good crush on her.For me She was the angel......

... Both the kaakee dressed men arrived. The driver ignited the engine with a roaring sound .Now the ambiance has changed. The girl till quarreling with the seller in a typical street bargaining accent.All of her friends from the bus now screaming .But the pretty refused ....

....I realized , I was the only one from the college in the bus.. In those days , I weared a mask of Saviour of woman .Now I got a chance to become a real Hero..In a matter of moment , I fell into a dream ........After the song in ALPS was over , I ran towards the fruit shop. Without making any introduction to her, I shouted the shopkeeper and asked him to return back her money. I even did not make my head turn towards her. .......After certain point ,she got the money back. ... I have done it without my mussel power, ..Anyway it s ok .

... I stepped into my seat.. Did she say anything? Thanks...I got it from her. Thats all? Yes. thats all. Oh. but the irony of this episode was, she did not know about myself .Actually, after that only she came to know that we were from the same college...Oh... Bad..."However , I got a chance to sing '' Pehala Nasha pehalaguva Naya Pyar ke...".................

Excerpts from the Best seller " 98M27:An Autobiography

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