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Oct 28, 2007

I have won your 'SEX'

It is a fiction. While traveling by train to North India, I got a idea to pen this .

“I have won your SEX"

“I love you “, I said her. She smiled.” Do you love me “, I continued. She did not speak anything. But she started laughing .It was a big blast from her mouth. She raised the sound .Her eyes shed tears .I did not make a move. I thought it was the cry of love .Still; she did not stop .I waited for her words.

After a while, she stopped .But she left the toilet. I did not want to move from there. After all it was the place where I proposed my love. I took a cigarette and lighted it. The train was heading towards madras.

I was just wondering about myself. I proposed a girl in the Toilet of a running train.

I came out of the toilet after having the last smoke.

I returned back to my seat and found that she gone into deep sleep in her upper berth... Her face was glowing with a sense of pride. I laid down in my upper birth .All the others in my coach were sleeping but me.

I start to think about the beginning of the travel.

I boarded the train at Bhopal at 8 am , after finished my hectic schedules. While put my bags on the upper birth , I saw this girl .She is reading a book .All the other seats were vacant .I thought , people will occupy the seats from Nagpur.

After 20 minutes pause, she said Hi. Then we started talking. We talked and it continued .We shared all about us.

She completely mesmerized me .I have flattened .I started to feel in other way. The clarity of thoughts, the intellectual mind and of course the beautiful face all of them taken me somewhere.

I pulled her hand and taken her to the toilet, since I didn’t want to get any disturbance from others.

I proposed her...

Suddenly I waked up. Train was almost nearing Madras. I looked her berth. She was not there. I searched all the coaches. She got down somewhere .I retuned back to my seat. I saw a folded paper in her berth. It was a letter written to me.

It goes like this….

Hi, during this 12 hour journey, I came to know to that you got attracted by me. I know, you have been taken by me. I know your heart is thinking about me and you can not stop remembering me at least for years. Me too.

But I consider this as a victory .I considers you as a representation of the Male chauvinistic group. I have won against the people who refused to accept me as a Female. For me it is a self realization. I have satisfied my ego because of you.

I have won your sex.

Thank you.

The train arrived to Chennai.

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