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Oct 31, 2007

The Treatment

This is not my story.This story changed my teenage life.
I have read this almost 10 years back from a tamil magazine.The essence is same but I have changed the script.
If you like this story the credit goes to the author Mr.Subrabharathimanian( If my memory is right).I forgot the original title.

The treatment.

Ramakrishnan take the CDs and the books from the bottom desk.All the things are related to porn and sex.The cover of the books explicitly show the bare bodies.

Suddenly he realises that someone is in his back." What are you doing here? ", she is Ramakrishnan'wife Revathi." What's that? ", she again questioned .Ramakrishnan give them to her.

Revathi starts crying." Ushhh", Ramakrishnan hugs her and tries to control her.Both coming out from Naresh's bed room. Without knowing these , Naresh their only son is in a deep sleep;May be in a dream..

Revathi is still in a shock.She never thought that their only son have all the access to these materials.She considers him as five year old baby.But Ramakrishnan knows his 16 year son is in search of something.

" We are giving so much freedom , isn't it?. We have feed all the good thoughts , culture and discipline ..But how he has turned like this " , Revathi says in a sober mood.

Ramakrishnan aware of his son's changes for a couple of months. Mingled with new friends , Naresh always in a hurry to go outside for sometime around.His friends often visits his room and they closed the door. Ramakrishnan can only hear some hushing sounds.

The next day Balakrishnan, his neighbour complained about Naresh.Naresh and his friends were teasing his daughter and their friends and passed some ugly comments.

Both Ramakrishnan and Reavthi are speechless." What went wrong..He is a good boy . something needed." he said.

After 2 months , one evening Ramakrishnan is talking with Revathi." See, today i will give a surprise , wait and watch".

Naresh and his friend Kathir are in his room .As usual they talk in husky sounds.
Suddenly, in the gate Ramakrishnan made a huge laugh.Both Naresh and Kathir get out from the room . They see a beautiful girl in the gate .She is talking with Naresh's parents.

" Hey What a vision " Naresh says in a happy tone. " Nice boobs" kathir followed.

All the three get into the house." Come on Naresh .. Do you remember Mega ?our saravan uncle's daughter, your cousin sister".

Ramakrishnan find that Naresh is trying to control his eyes.Naresh tried to look Mega above the neck.His face has gone black.He is in a shock.
Both Naresh and Kathir are voiceless. " Yes pa, i remember ".."Kathir, she is Mega , my sister " he introduces her.

" Naresh, Mega is going to stay with us for another four years ..She got admission in our city college" , Ramakrishnan informed.

Ramakrishnan knows that His son's outlook over girls will change." Dear he is under treatment without bills ..Its his age .. that's the issue..Now I sorted out. dont worry .." he says his wife.

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