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Nov 2, 2007

Am I a Good Boy / Bad Boy?

Am I a Good Boy / Bad Boy?

Most of the time, I try to help the needy. But every time I am in the receiving end. People suspect my true intention and behave in the other way.

I give two incidents for this.


Three years before I have been working as marketing executive in a small firm. After visiting my customer, I parked my vehicle for tea.

I saw a group of three teenage girls came were coming along the road. They were almost 100 meters from me. I just had a look at them. The girls were sported in the half saris.
I thought they were returning from the nearby temple. While having a glance at them, I noticed that one girl has not covered up her upper body fully. The half sari was not in the right position.

They were about to pass me. Suddenly I made a sign in a way to make understand the thing. At first she didn’t realize .After a second she got my act and corrected her dress.

All the girls were made a huge laugh when crossing me. They left my side.

I dropped my cigarette and ready to start my bike. The half sari girl came back to me and said’ Thank You. But you are not an innocent guy. You stared me long time’. She has gone.

I don’t know what went wrong. I don’t know am I a good boy / bad boy?


Two weeks ago, I was waiting for my bus at Hosur. The time was around 9.45 pm. Lot of people were waiting for the bus including a family of three. A girl and her parents.

As usual, I was watching her from a distance. She should be in her last teens. Then, the parents said her something and left the place. Ten minutes passed. She was looking for them.
She was in hurry and waiting anxiously. Suddenly she left the place. I followed her.
She entered the bathroom, which is in the corner of the bus stand.

I retuned back. Now the parents came and searching their daughter. They enquired everyone but me. The bus has arrived. All the passengers started to board.
Still, the girl has not turned up. Now the parents looked grim and sad.
I moved towards them and said “Your girl has gone to bathroom, don’t worry”.
The father looked my eyes and said “Oh”. I moved from there.

Within 30 seconds, the girl came back. The parents asked her did she know me.She said no. All the three came towards me.” Thank you .But don’t follow my daughter further “, the father told me.

I don’t know what went wrong. I don’t know am I a good boy / bad boy?

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