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Jun 6, 2008

Virginity of My Room

Virginity of My Room

Few weeks back, one of my cousin- elder brother, who was about to leave abroad the next day, called me.’’ I need your room for two hours “ , he asked .

“For what?”, I asked him. I know, he wants to spend the time with his girl friend .

“Please give your room. Tomorrow, I am leaving. May be , I will see her again after one year”. Remember , Sharmaan Joshi ‘s rloe in the Hindi film ‘ Life in a METRO’. His flat is in great demand for all of his colleagues including his Boss , the role played bt Kay Kay Menon.

Now , I am in Sharmaan Joshi’s situation.

He requested again and again. He is my big brother. He emotionally told so many things .He reminded the helps, he has done for me in the past. Finally I don’t have a choice .I agreed to give the room.

He fixed a time in the morning 10.30. I locked the room and kept the key in a known place. I left the room for some work and I informed him.

I really confused. I was thinking about my decision .I know what they are going to do in the room. I know about my brother, he will treat this as a ONE NIGHT (DAY) STAND.

What about the girl. If she also takes this as SAME, then my concern is foolish.
But , If she will be betrayed , then …..

I came back the room around 1 pm. He called me and said he will be coming after 2 pm.

This time, I said “ No”.. He cursed me and said “You are envying on me … stomach fire da”

But I am happy , at least I saved my Room’s Virginity

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