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Jun 11, 2008

His name is Balee

His Name is
A unclassified account on

This is the 10th year. My association with balee started in the year 1998.

First time I saw this guy while standing in the Mepco’s STD booth, during our early first year in the college. I got irritated because of him.
That was a long queue .Our lad was talking for a long time.

“Ama appa palam sapiten .rendu pachai vazha palam… illa pa ... their satham mattum than night sapiduren…. Sonja kosu adikam pa…. ama mineral water than kudikern…”
You can imagine this dialogue in Anniyan ambi tone. Finally, he came out …
He may forget this piece.

After that, when thampiduari, my first year room mate gave an introduction about balee.We didn’t have a relation during first year.

When, we started to mingle in the second year, I came to know the mepco legend about Balee.Balee’s dad visited Michigan State University, where his elder son was studying. He simply struck by the ambivalent of the campus. He had big opinion about the university.

He was also in CII’s southern chapter office and he himself a prominent industrial personality at that time, based in madurai.One day he happened to be the chief guest at a function in Mepco. He was completely beaten by Mepco’s strict military regime.
He liked the college more than the great Michigan university .That is how balee was in mepco.

How, I can define balee’s character. I believe you may see the film Ayuitha elthu.
Balee’s is somewhat like Siddhrath in that film. For E.g... A scene, where people are waiting outside the US embassy for Visa interview. Siddarth is coming late and by chatting unwanted things with a friend, who is in the queue, Sidarth also joins the line in the middle. That is balee.

He will do, whatever he wants and finally achieve his true intention.

Sometimes, you may think that, he is making lot of scene.” Overa scene pduran “.
But that is his nature.

During the college initial days, he was always busy chatting with girls. Finally he had some friendship failure that is history now. He now hates the place srivilliputhoor and karaikal.

While in 4th semester, we, group of 10, gelled together. He was the only finance minister in our gang.

He put a notice board in his room .That showed his current credits.

Petchi: 50 + 32.25 + 49.45 + 3 (kings, during free night)

Saravana: 30 + 12.30 …

Like that…..He is a perfectionist.

But he never hesitates to give the money. Till now, we are enjoying his loan without any interest.

“Ilaa Appa Sonna “… This was the three letter word , which has broken any staffs hard standing. Whether it was in college or hostel, Balee, used these words whenever he was in the problem.

For E.g.: A period’s absence will attract Rs. 5 fine. And a half day’s leave also attract Rs.5 only. You have already attended the first three periods and the last period is going to finish now. We in the last desk are laughing for some reasons. The staff is picking up and asked us to leave the class. Now “Balee will say “Illa appa sonna”.
Since his dad is a known person to the college, What ever the reason he starts with these words and finally he will be let off. This is balee.

The three years in the college and life in Chennai after mepco speak volume about his kind gestures.

He is full of ethics while purchase.

For E.g .. If he wants to buy a kerchief, he will roam all over Chennai. He will not rest until he finds the right shop. Shop? .. He will search shops, where he will get buy one get two free or vice versa. He has such nick of caliber .We always look after him for any purchase .

Whenever, he comes back from US, he will bring some chocolates .That chocolates we can find in Chennai also.

” What about the liquor “, I asked him during his last visit to India. “ I brought one, but that is for a Girl, not for you”. This is Balee’s another dimension.
He can enjoy the Saturday evenings with girls with same kind of enthusiasm when he is with the boys.

When I posted a story, related to his family, he called me. I have not got his permission.
But he was not taking it seriously. That is ....

“Naina “, this is how our mate used to call his father. I believe they are sharing a wonderful rapport. Never seen in any family. Though his father sometimes goes overboard by his ‘MOKKA’, we all enjoy his company also.

Balee, always trying to be a jack of all trade. He put his hands in every thing.
French or Japanese, he wants to study everyting.He even tried his throat in singing.
For us, it was a tragedy, but him that was also a part his schedule.

We, almost all, except a few tried to be a replica of him. Until, few years back, we were under his influence. But he molded us individually. We found ourselves because of him too...

I personally like his big blast laugh, (Showing all his teeth) .We all love him violently.
It is a great pride that Balee is with us .

Tailpiece :
I wanted to write this in a more humor way. I tried. But I believe, I have not put my best memory.


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  1. Very simple.. honest.. yet every effective writing.... I am a regular (weekend) visitor of your blogs... keep going... good ones... cheers...