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Jul 8, 2008

Some Unnecessary thoughts

Some Unnecessary thoughts

1.When some old age Guys say “I am old, but young at heart”, what they really mean?

2. When will the channels stop the ‘Reality shows’?

3. What is the next word ,the reality shows judges will use after ‘ chemistry , energy , Coordination,hardword,fantastic, semma and kiluchuteenga .’

4.What does it really mean “there is a perfect chemistry between them”.

5.What is the meaning of ‘Open and broad mind’.

6.How these girls are falling to the guys as a prey?

7.When men have the right to smoke and drink ,then what about the women?

8.Why these ‘Software Boys & Ichhow Sweet Gals always use the words like
“Buddy,dude ,chill,cool ,crap,etc…..when there are common words available to Speak and write.
9.When will people stop asking the reason for my first name ‘Karthika’?

10.How will love start at first sight?

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  1. 11. When will karthi stop asking such dumb questions