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Jul 17, 2008

Cricket & Hockey

Cricket & Hockey

Kab nothing to write....

Politics and Cinema are always in the media glare so as Cricket and Hockey. Whether the plight of Indian hockey or K.P.G.S.Gill monarchy or Jothi Kumaran’s greedy or IPL’s grand gala or From Ravi Shastri toYuvraj Singh’ affairs ( Ravi shastri had a series of affairs

including Gabarella sapatini –the german tennis player and Amrita singh -saif ali

khan’s x-wife), they are getting wide attention any time.

I remember the evening, when India lost to Pakistan in the 1990 Asiad Games Final ,

I was in my 5th standardthen, we including my class teacher were almost in

crying mood. That was the first and last Hockey match , I have ever seen.

But Cricket was my favourite at the time. While unplugging my memory cells,I

remember the semifinal between India and England during the 1987 world cup was the first one.Captain Vensergar’s Duck, Srikanth’s foolish left hand play were still in memory .

What is the reason behind this flash back built up?. Recently , I had a chance to watch two

sports centered films.

In both the films, the coach’s role was emphasized. In one, a semi biography ,semi fictional , the coach wanted toprove his innocence not only his hockey fraternity and also to the entire country .

The other film,about a rural boy’s cricket ambitions. Set in a complete rural milieu,

The film tells the success story of a village deaf and dumb school drop out teenager .

In the hockey film has more of characters from the haryanvi chori to Punjabi kudi,the jhargand ,Manipur girls , the chandigarh gal…etc.The relations between them, seniors behaviour’s , the true nature of Hockey association are the key to the script .I think Organsing and shooting a filmi sport event is the herculenan task.The matches ,played in the film were looking real.The final penalty corners, and the tactics of coach ,were really scripted well.

Cricket film, not entirely dealt with the sport. It alos depicts , the rural muslim family’s day to day life.The sister role , the wonderful relationship with her brother and her role as a translator , her flying kiss , the Mother’s supportive , their reassembling when the father came back from his work everything was naturally filmed.The always drunken ,the former national player’s self realization by becoming a coach , the politics of state cricket and the warm music were the highlights.

I wondered after watching these two films , why the cricket film was not celebrated as like the Hockey. Both don’t have any pole dance, karan johar type sherwani custome dramaand most importantly ,they are not tearjerkers.But they give a different experience .

May be you got it right. They are ‘Iqbal’ and ‘Chak de India’.

For me, Iqbal is the best .Watch Iqbal, if you have not heard about before.

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