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Jul 23, 2008

Three Times Chappathi

Three Times Chappathi..... An odd man’s survival in the Wheat Land

While hinglishing with my Punjabi colleagues, I understand that, they don’t about trivandrum, tiruchi,hubli,vizag etc….
I asked one of my friend, “ Do you know anything about Hoshiarpur ”. “ No”, He replied. We don’t have the geographical knowledge about our Indian states.

For my few readers, by this post I am giving some information about this place. Hoshiarpur is in Punjab, a backward district ,bordering with Himachal Pradesh.It is a hill area. This small town is just 45 KM from Jalandhar , a city . Harbajan singh is a native of Jalandhar.we can go Amritsar in 3 hours from Jalandhar.

My Head office is in Hoshiarpur. After that , I collected some facts about Hoshiarpur. Hoshiar’, meaning clever and ‘pur’, meaning town.Our Prime minister is a alumini of Hoshiarpur Govt.Collge. Amrish Puri ,was born and brought up here.Gauri khan , sharuk khan’s wife also a native of this town.

The only DOSA shop in hoshiarpur.This guy is from Madurai. Spreading his business to all the Punjab towns. His family members are running similar shop in jalandhar,Ludhiana and Jammu.
No other south Inidan hotles are here .But people are aware of our Idly.

I have taught my ‘P’ factor English to my Punjabi friends. They given me some Punjabi bad words.
“Banjoth”, is their favorite one,like our “Otha”. I sent some sardaji jokes to my sardaji colleagues .Really a funny moment.

They take Half boiled rice in the night only. What a great difference.We take chappathi at night.

For me Hoshiarpur is the place where rice is the special dish and sari is the party wear.

First time , it was a ‘cold’ experience. it is fifth time now I am dead.But I will visit again .I should. I have to.No other go.

Surprisingly, this time, I don’t have the itch to quit the company .??!!!!

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