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Aug 12, 2008



My maternal grandfather Lakshmanan Pillai is smiling at me.
He is standing in front of the gate.
I see the periyammas,chithis, mamas and some long distance relatives inside the house. There is some big crowd in the street also.

Still, lakshmanan pillai is in the gate and continuously smiling at me. It seems that entire Kollam city assembled in our family head quarters.

I open my mouth to ask him the reason behind the crowd. But no sound is coming from my mouth. My tongue get tied up. I just want to shout. I cant.I feel the sweating now.

“ Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed .. I woke up . Now my aachi ,mama and athai from the other room came to my room. “ Yenna achu karthi ”

I told about the dream .Aachi wondered that thatha has never come to her dream after his death.

Mama , took me to the Ochara temple and the Potti has tied a sacred thread in my hand. I felt better . Few months later, aachi left us .

I understand the dream now.
Whenever I visit kollam, I feel the breath of my grand parents in the house.
I think Achluophobia started after that only.

What is Achluophobia?

Achluophobia is the fear of darkness

What is Achluophobia also known as?

Achluophobia is also known as:

• The fear of the dark
• Phobia of the dark
• Phobia of darkness

• The fear of night time

• Phobia of night time

All my friends know that I sleep with lights on. I cant sleep in the dark or with dim light .Or somebody should be near to me during night.

3 years back, when my house owner hanged himself in the first floor around mid night , siva and me were alone in the ground floor.

The house owner’s wife and his daughter wanted our help to took the body from the ceiling , I ran away for a smoke .Instead we called the neighbors and the police.

I walked all along the vadapalani during the whole night . I still live the same house .But I hate night .

Now I become a light sleeper.
For even a small sound , I wake up.

I don’t know when this achluophobia will end.

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