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Aug 27, 2008

The tears that I cried

The tears that I cried.......

After a long time I saw her. She was standing in the bus stand. The baby was sleeping in the shoulder. She lost all her charm. Why ? I asked myself.

She was my classmate. We have not talked often in that time. She tried hard to get the first rank .But I took the rank always. Though we have not spoken or we were not great friends, the other mates always teased us .

In my village also, the friends of my age used to link my name with her .
During my 6th std , I gone to Nagercoil school and almost forgot her .

I asked about her my village friends .The moment I heard that she is a widow now , the tears came out indefinitely. I didn’t know why I felt very sad.

She lost her husband within a year. She gave birth a baby girl after that.
We were not great friends nor lovers .But I knew her .Memories of My childhood class note pages were filled by her.

This is real .My personal experience.

Come to the reel ,released some years back , which I have seen recently .

‘During the rainy evening, he is visiting his Former lover’s house. He is struggling for some money to finance his new business. He doesn’t want to show his actual conditions .

He informs that he is coming up in the life. The girl also pretends to be in happy and prosperous situation .After sometime he understands that she too is having a miserable life.

When she is out of house for getting food for him , he writes a chit and put the money which he borrowed under the pillow. When she returns he doesn't say anything .

After the food, he leaves the house with his raincoat.

She also comes to know about his present needs from his raincoat. She put her jewels in the raincoat.

The film depicts the girl’s dilemma, the man’s inability to save from her present.

We can remember the past. We can shed tears for the dear one .But Can we really give a hand to them?

The fim is “Raincoat” directed by Rituparno Ghosh ,starring Ajay devgan and Iswarya Rai.

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