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Sep 30, 2008

இது யாருமே வராத tea கடை

இது யாருமே வராத tea கடை

Title -Courtesy -Nathan Pillai

One year over .I started blogging last sep. Years ago, I used to call Bali for writing official letters. He helped me a lot. After sometime, I have some inventory of emails, which I have sent to my friends, about us –our personal and professional updates.

I posted all the emails in this blog. The travel, personal things, MBA classes given some stories, true incidents and I started posting regularly

In the beginning , I called my friends to check my blog and asked them for the comments .When I realized , they have more works to do, I stopped my enthusiasm .

Sometimes I had the urge to write my experiences .Over the period, this blog became my diary, my friend.

As Nathan commented "இது யாருமே வராத tea கடை"

For the first year celebration, I want to thank my blog readers.

I thank others also, who mistakenly visit this blog

Regular Reader: Nathan Pillai

Occasional Reader :


Compulsary readers.


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  1. Yaarum tea kadaikku varala na enna....atleast porachey varachey tea master ku oru "hi" sollarathukku neraya peru irukkanga....naanum oruthan...