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Oct 1, 2008

Fear of Conscience

Fear of Conscience - A Cat's Confession.

This was an unedited chat with one of my dealer employee

with whom I need to to talk on daily .

Though I am not a saint , I am afraid of my conscience .

3:34 PM S: how are you karthik

3:35 PM me: fine

3:36 PM S: how's your onam celebration

me: same day as usual

3:39 PM S: onamthina puthiya dress adutho

3:40 PM me: no

3:42 PM S: when do you come in maxim

3:43 PM me: my tkt is on monday . but still in waiting list

3:45 PM S: varumpool enthu kodduvarum

i like sweets

me: dont go overboard. dont ask again this

3:47 PM S: i want you give me a sweets

3:49 PM vor kittiyau

me: s

3:52 PM S: now where are you

me: chenai

3:53 PM S: climate enganeyundu

me: cool

3:54 PM S: arokkeyayittu chat cheyyarundu

3:55 PM me: checking some mails

S: nunayalle parayunnarthu

3:56 PM me: upto u to believe

S: chenniyi enthokke kananundu

3:57 PM me: what

3:58 PM S: njan arul sir,hari sir ellavarumayi chat cheyyarundu

me: ok

S: njan veruthe paranjathanu

me: ok

3:59 PM S: njan karthikkinodu mathrame chat cheyyarullu

me: ok

S: what o k

alwys ok dont u speak

4:00 PM me: y r u telling all these to me. u r married . stay that limit

S: ok sorry

4:01 PM ethokke oru rasamalle

4:03 PM i am not married

me: ok.,

S: do you drink coffee

4:04 PM me: s

4:06 PM S: cofeeyil enthu snacks kazhikkanundayirunnu

4:07 PM me: biscuits

S: eni varumbol srakara varatiyum upperiyum tharam

me: ok

4:08 PM S: ammkum achanum sukhamano

4:09 PM njan prathekam avre anneshichuvennu paranjekku

me: ok

S: enthenkilum engottu parayuuuu.....

4:10 PM whats ur real name karthik or karthika

4:11 PM me: karthika

S: ok now iknow that u r a girl

me: ok

4:12 PM S: avide mazhayundo

me: no

4:13 PM S: ennu ooninu enthu kariyayirunnu

chiken or beaf

or veg

me: fish

4:14 PM S: which fish

me: ayila

S: i think it is chala

4:15 PM chenniyil ethu hotelilanu tham,asam

4:16 PM me: kerala hotles are here

S: ask me some questions

me: what questions u want to hear from me

4:17 PM S: about onam celbrations

4:18 PM me: hw was that

S: njanghal palada, semiyam,and all veg

4:19 PM all payasam kudichu

me: ok.good

S: nee payasam kudicho

4:20 PM me: no

S: appol kerala hotelil payasam undayirunnille

4:21 PM evide ennu \varukayanengil payasam taram

me: yenna payasam

4:22 PM S: palada

me: .what is that. Milk semiya

4:23 PM S: it is a name of payasam

me: oh

S: s

4:24 PM enikku vere job kitti.

me: oh. wen r u leaving maxim

4:25 PM S: pokanda avasyam varilla avar paranjuvittoolum

4:26 PM me: ha ha ha

S: poda monkey

me: ok

S: oh athu sammathichu

4:27 PM taht u r a monkey

me: ok . for u i am monkey.

4:28 PM S: pk then for others u r a donkey

me: ok

S: ok

4:30 PM sunday enthanu program

me: washing. mba class

S: ok

4:31 PM did u bath once in a week

me: no... once in a month

S: ok

4:32 PM did u drink

me: s.. sometimes

S: smoke

4:33 PM me: s. daily

S: from where BAR

me: no in room

S: which brand

4:34 PM me: signature.royal challenge

S: is it costly

me: no 500-600

4:35 PM S: did u drink once in a week or DAILY

me: twice in a month


4:37 PM me: ok



4:38 PM me: that s the answer ..


SO 1200 FOR A MONTH to drink

4:39 PM how much salary did u get

me: i will not answer these type of questions. dont ask anymore

4:40 PM S: if u r a good friend u can tell anything to me

4:41 PM me: i cant tell all to my friends . i am a private person

4:42 PM S: all right keep it up

me: ok

4:43 PM S: r u in intrnet café

me: no ... i have net connection in room

4:44 PM S: that means u r in cafe

me: fool... i have lap top and net connection in my home

4:45 PM S: ok

ennentha phone cheyathirunnathu

ennentha phone cheyathirunnathu

4:46 PM me: no reason to call u today

S: ok

4:47 PM any reason to chat with me

4:48 PM me: nothinmg. u only started .

S: what

4:49 PM vettil arokkeyundu

me: u started the chat today.


S: ssss

4:51 PM enthenkilum type cheyeda potta

me: potta? what is this

4:52 PM S: that is u rpet name

potta means mad man

4:53 PM me: oh... i can speak in a bad language . dont provoke me

S: provoke means

4:54 PM me: dont make me angry .

S: ok sorry

me: ok

4:55 PM S: ok







next month i m leaving this job appol ente shalyamm kurayum

4:56 PM me: oh. great

go and get married..

4:57 PM S: i m intresting in marriying u

dont u like

4:58 PM please type anything

4:59 PM me: i m not interested to u..

S: why

5:00 PM please type anything

5:01 PM me: stupid ... i cant love u. or anyone. u r not the right one for me .. sorry

S: then who r the right one for u

me: that s none of your business

5:02 PM S: sometimes it may be

me: u r a liar . .... always spek lie.

5:03 PM S: what i tell to u lie

5:04 PM please type

me: first u told me u r married with child. then now u r saying single. and ask me to marry .. what is true . u r not a frnd to me

5:05 PM i dont need such type of fends in my life

S: then what type of frnds did u want

5:06 PM me: that s not ur concern.. i am a diffenernt guy. i cant mingle with gals... sorry

S: but i m ur feind

5:07 PM me: no .. u r not a frnd. u r a selfish with some motive in ur mind. u r a liar...


5:08 PM S: poda monkey u r liar

me: ok...

S: do u mingle with boys

5:09 PM me: i will very choosy about my frnds...

S: what kind of frnds ouwant

5:10 PM me: see .. really cant understand what u r thinking... what u want me to do ... tell the truth ..

5:11 PM S: s i think and then typing

5:13 PM pls type dont have much speed in typing

5:14 PM dgddgdf

5:15 PM ey a u going

5:16 PM i think u r hands where get pain with typing

5:20 PM please type karthika

5:31 PM S: you are telling but i am very sad

5:32 PM okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk byeeeeeeeeee

me: bye .truth is bitter. bye

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