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Feb 4, 2010

Namesake-My name is Karthi(K)

Namesake –My name is Karthi(K)


It is very clear now. There is a drought in the scriptwriter / director’s creative cells.

No. I don’t mean that their creative ideas are drained.

Guess, What I am pointing here ?. May be Title suggests you something.

This is not about the name of the film. It is about the name of the lead character / Hero / protagonist in our Tamil movies.

Confused .Ok. See the list of the Tamil films. You may find one aspect common to all the films.

1. Alaipauthey

2. Peralagan

3. Sarvam

4. Nepali

5. Mozhi

6. Vinnai thandi varuvaya

7. Theeratha vilayattu pillai

I may missed some other titles also..

What is common? Karthik is the answer.

The character name of the lead actor in these films is Karthik.

And now there is a hindi film featuring Farahan Akthar and Deepika ‘Kartik calling Kartik’.

Earlier the hit names are Shiva ,Jeeva .Now its ‘Karthik’s ‘turn.

Think if Vijayakanth’s or Rajini’s name is karthik in their upcoming films. You may burst into laughter.

What is the reason behind the current surge of karthik in Tamil films. I wondering that the director may feel this name ‘Karthik’ has a youth appeal.

I never want to be called as Karthik..While in school ,they called me Karthika and in college ,they purposefully called ‘petchi’ .

In home , I am Karthi.

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