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Jan 30, 2010

Why my wife hates me?

Why my wife hates me?

I thought it was her regular number, which she used to play on me before the marriage.

After a couple of calls, I understand that this anger is different.

She was reluctant to attend my calls and answered like a answering machine.

“What happened?” .My question was not replied..

I know she was fed up with unstoppable vomiting. She was tired and drained.

Is that the reason.. I wondered. How? It was she who wanted a baby immediately after the marriage. Even she asked “ I have to wait for nine long months ..”..

I felt “I hate you”.

She was hospitalized and now she is fine.

I know how some girls behaved when they are vomiting because of pregnancy.

This is something a hand of GOD.

The above post I posted exactly two years ago, which described the souring relation between a husband and wife ( a true story ), is just like this post. But the surprising element here is , I used the name ‘ RAMYA ’.. I really don’t know how I given the wife s name is RAMYA.

This is saying something…

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