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Jan 27, 2008

My dear wife, what I have to do....

Its a short story . A real feeling of a husband . He wants to say something to his wife. He writes this ........

My dear wife, what I have to do....

From –front hall to bed room.

Dear Ramya,

I love you. I just love you. I know you are somewhat disturbed .You are not ok. I find your uneasiness. But I don’t know why but can guess some reasons.

May be you don’t like me. Or you dont want the child at this moment.

The first one should be a wrong one .I know .I can firmly say this. The days, though only two months, we spent together give enough reasons for this.

You love me till now, I know. I love you dear.

But then, what are the reasons for your sudden change in the behavior .It is really killing me and giving unsleeping nights daily. I am longing for those two months.

You are not my maid servant. You are me; I; my life partner.

Have you lost all the interest in a marriage life. No, No way. I don’t believe this and I can’t.
Then why you are not speaking with me as before .Please tell me, if I have done anything wrong .please

I feel the guiltiness now. Pregnancy is the only reason I find for your abnormal behavior. I really sorry.

I know I have shattered all your hopes and enjoyment of a marriage life .I am the reason. I destroyed your entire honeymoon trip. I don’t know what to do now. But whatever the reasons, please speak with me.

I can feel your feelings, the pain. You know, while you vomit, my heart is crying.
If you want to slap, please do it .But don’t behave with me as a stranger.

I know, you are not in your mental strength to accept any reasons. But please accept the fact. You are a pregnant woman .You are carrying our first baby.

It is also a God’s gift for me, like you.

Thousand kisses for you and our child.

Waiting for your smile


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