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Jan 25, 2008

Breezy wind and some grazy times-2

Kathir-A phenomenon

Kathir , one of my true friend , who knows in and out about me .He is a marine engineer and at present ,I can say, he is in the ocean , crossing all over the world.
During our mepco days, he was the one who made us laugh at any point of time.

He always posts questions for getting new information. But the question itself bears more bone cracking hearty joyful moments.
One day, saravana , the other friend , showed his family album. He pointed out one woman and said, she is my chithi .Suddenly kathir asked this ‘’ Chithi na un appavoda wife voda sister ah ? Or ammavoda sister ah? ( is this lady, your father’s wife’s sister or mother’s sister ?) ...

Another day, Mouli , a great friend of all , got a new scientific calculator . We all checked that one. Kathir took the calci and asked us, how do we switch off the calci. Mouli told, it’s a auto off calculator. Now, kathir asked this’ Then, where is the auto button “...

Till date, we don’t know about his caliber of thinking in a new way.

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