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Jan 27, 2008

Marriage -An Experiment?

Battle of consciences

Nowadays, I am thinking about the marriage life .Sometimes I want to get married .But most of the times I want lo live a single life. There is a big debate happening in my mind.
I divide my conscience as two personalities. I am naming them as karthika and petchi. (Interestingly both are girl’s name).

Karthika : So, you don’t need a marriage life.

: Yes. Tell me your reasons for a marriage.

Karthika : A new life , a girl entering in your bachelorhood. You will get a new set of relatives. Then, sharing your love, life with your partner that is wonderful.

Petchi : That’s all?

Karthika : You get a free sex , unlimited .

Petchi : Finally, you mean to say sex is the reason. Then you will become a sex hungry beast after marriage.

Karthika : Not really. It is also a part .Beyond that there are several reasons. Fatherhood, it is a blessing of God, you know. It is a cycle, nature. Marriage life is a destiny of Almighty. You can’t escape from that .Tell me , about your decision.

: You have only one life .Why should I share with someone. You can’t operate on your terms after the marriage .You will be tagged with your family .

Karthika : Now also , you are under a family ..

: That’s what I am saying, why should add another one for the rest of my life .Being a bachelor is like a free bird .You have the freedom .You can love or hate anybody without any restrictions .Marriage , a commitment ,a law ,a contract you can’t break it simply because of some reasons. I don’t want to be committed.

Karthika :OK, But living as a bachelor is not so easy as you think. You need to see your parents , their dreams . You should give answer for the whole society .They may suspect that you have some trouble .It ultimately gives a painful life to your parents, siblings and your relatives.

Petchi : I have almost lived half of life for the sake of them. This is a democracy; you can choose your own life. As long as I live a life without giving any problems, then I don’t find anything. They will not interfere, I believe.

Karthika : Somewhat convinced .Then what about your sexual urge .

Petchi : We have a bachelorhood of almost 15 years. You have not had any sexual pleasure. I will live a life without sex for another 15 years .Ultimately , it depends on your mind.

Karthika : I am sorry for you. You are going to miss a beautiful life .

Petchi : Come after 15 years and share your marriage experiment. All the best.

The debate goes on………..

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  1. very interesting...... a conversation that i too had with myself about 6 years ago.. now i am a married woman with a 5 year old child... at some times, it feels like a success, and at others, a failure... and so.. the conversation goes on.. and on..and on...