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Feb 24, 2008

The Non-Veg Factor

It is a short story based on a true incident.

The Non-Veg Factor

Karthi, you people should vacate the house by April “, Mr. Shiva told me

firmly. “ What sir, anything wrong with us”.

“You lied me. I saw Ram and you from the hotel. While taking the

advance itself my wife clearly told you. “. He gone back to his house .

Ram and I are sharing a room in Mr. Shiva’s apartments. Last month

only, we took this home for a lease. I remember Mrs. Shiva’s words.

“See, we are orthodox family, strictly vegetarian. We prefer people from

vegetarian community only.” Mam, “Don’t worry, we are Saiva pillai ...”...
We just become a Veg. suddenly. We didn’t have a choice then.

This is the only house with almost all facilities available in the area. The

previous house owner suddenly hiked the rent without any reasons.

Mr. Shiva and his wife are the two members in their house. Their only

son is in US, Working in software firm.

In the evening, we again meet Mr. Shiva.” Sir, we just gone the hotel and

attended a party...We have taken only veg. Foods. Please believe us.” I

told him.

“No way, I decided, you are non.veg ...Because of you, we will whitewash

your portion for the next tenant ... Mind it… Vacate the room as soon as

possible “, he shut the door.

After two weeks, one evening, we heard a big noise from Mr. Shiva’s

house... We saw Mrs. Shiva crying .

After sometime, Mr. Shiva come to our room. His eyes are in red.

“Mr.Karthi, you stay in this room ... No need to vacate “, he said and

returned back.

“Karthi, what happened ... This guy has changed his stand. “Ram says

happily. But we found the reason from our maid servant.

Mr. Shiva’s son married a Thailand girl in US.

“Karthi, what is Thai’s food habits yar ..? Ram asked me.

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