As long as we have memories , yesterday remains ; As long as we have hope ,tomorrow awaits. As long as we have friendship,each day is never a waste.

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Mar 31, 2008

Friends & Sisters

Friends & Sisters

A Short story –based on true characters


“Those moments are coming back“, kishore told kathir in a nostalgic mood.

‘’ See, the student of part time course is completely different from the regular one. Now at 28, I am becoming a man... And I am little old to mingle with you “kathir said.

Kathir and Kishore are doing their part time PG course. Though, kishore is six years younger than kathir, they immediately become friends, from the very first day of the class.

Now, kishore wants kathir a part of his group -Anita, sindhu and kamala.

“Kathir, we were class mates in our UG. Now, we are here. You are my new friend. Come on da, I will introduce you “, kishore said.

“You know kathir … kishore is our best friend. He is just a perfect guy. Our parents never say anything when we are with him”. They complemented kishore every time.

After 3 months, Kathir is now a good friend of all.

So, you now always talk with the girls over phone “kishore asked kathir mischiefly.

“Hey, you only introduced me ... They called me sometimes. And I called them..

It is not like what you are thinking da.. Just talk, friendship talk…. Kadalai.. “

“Cool da. The girls are my childhood friends...But I am not the guardian. Ok... Everybody has the chance to drink the river water .I even touched them physically .They don’t aware of that. Just enjoy da.”

“What? This is not right Da., After all they are your childhood friends, “Kathir said.

“Good joke… just enjoy the company, man... Don’t go for a sentimental relation., kishore left the place.


The next day kathir met Sindhu and said “Hello, sindhu, you can call me Anna ... This is good for me yar... Inform this to Kamala and Anita also “

The girls got confused .They asked for the reason .But kathir has not made any statements. After that He limits his chat.

He doesn’t want to show, he is good and the other guy is bad.Kathir don’t want to mingle with girls any more.

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