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Mar 31, 2008

The psychology of an unintentional incident

The psychology of an unintentional incident

After a long gap I met her .That was a marriage of one of our common friend.

We, some ten guys consider that occasion for a get together after college.

After the dinner, all left for their home except the other friend and me.

We were ready to leave the place. Suddenly I saw her. She was our common friend.

I told my friend that she too has come for the marriage. She came towards us.

I smiled to her. She was also our college mate. Occasionally I called her after the college years. And she even had forgiven me for my foolish act on one occasion.

She came close to us and Started talking with my friend

I was standing with him. I got confused. ‘I saw her. But, she was busy chatting with him.” Shall I say a HI now “, my mind was thinking. I made a second look at her.

Still, she has not noticed me.

Now, I didn’t know how to stand there. “Will she reciprocate, if I said HI “, I was thinking.

I felt very bad about me. My conscience said, ‘she was insulting you ‘.

I could not stand there. Almost seven minutes passed. I took a back foot and left the scene. I can’t digest, the insult, what happened there.

I am thinking now, whether she noticed me or not .But she took a look at me at the first instance itself.

Why she has not talked with me, though I only noticed when I saw her there.

Did I make any mistakes or wrongs to her? I remember, our last conversation, almost 8 months back, ended in a good note only.

Then what happened? I am having high regards on her.

I remember, on several occasions our common friends whom she may think

Genuine guys, made some nasty, unwanted statements about her, I only defended her.

She is always in my good book.

Actually my ego was beaten here. My one conscience said ‘So, you have to wait for a chat with this MADAM ‘. The Other one dig a deep punch on my heart ‘Why are you waiting. Is she a bigger one than you? She even not worthy of your friendship.”

Avoiding someone, neglecting a known person, without any reasons is the biggest torture. That can’t be expressed in words. It gives a mentally painful feel.

I don’t find any reasons why I was victimized. Is it a bad idea that being an honest and open person to the relation.

After reached the room, I discussed this with my friends.

Everyone gave a different theory. They even took a short course on ‘Behavioral aspect of Girls’...I was deeply disturbed by this incident.

Suddenly she called me. She asked me ‘Why did you not say Bye before leaving the marriage? ………Strange …. I expected a HI from HER and she expected a BYE from my side …

She explained that it was not an intentional one .She conveyed her ‘Sorry ‘.

I said ‘It s okay’.

Now I am thinking ‘A very small incident, unintentional act of a good friend was blown out of proportion, by none other myself ‘.

One mind is saying ‘ May be ‘ .’ May not be ‘ , the other one is shouting.

Whatever it may be, it was one of the very bad, forgettable experiences.


  1. Dude, it is very disappointing to see such blurbs from you. It could be that interesting stuffs has started dwindling in your life, but, we as hardcore fans of your blog don't expect such rigmaroles. The last two scribbles are too pathetic...please dispute if I am wrong...but keep going with speak original truths ...GBY

  2. you can not write fun stories always .Anyways i try to make it