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Apr 1, 2008

An open letter to my Father

An open letter to my Father
-An unposted letter.


While speaking with a friend ,she told me that she was also thinking about her marriage . As a male, even I cant express about my marriage to parents , I thought how the girls will communicate their readiness for the marriage to their parents.


Dear Appa,

I can’t remember the day / the year when I posted my last letter to you. But there is a necessity for a letter now. Some items, as a tradition which we can not discuss personally .Or we are not come up to that culture till.

Appa, I am writing this to inform you that I am now ready for a family life. I want to marry. As everyone say, I need someone to complete my life.

You are well aware of that last December; I completed 27 years .All most all of my friends got married. Some guys having kids also.

Please find the following Points, which justify my urgency for a marriage.

1. Loneliness: There were ten friends in Chennai, with me for almost six years .All got married and left the room .Now, I am staying single in my room. You tell me, how I can survive without any companion after the office hours.

2. Discipline: Appa, I am always in travel; Staying in hotels. You know the Chances are plenty to go for a wrong way. You may know this, I smoke. I started smoking to kill the time .Now it became a habit. I am afraid about myself. I believe you understand this. You can buy anything, if you have money, including sex.

3 .Sexual intercourse: How long I need to continue my celibacy? I am not a child. It is really hard to digest the true feelings. I can’t wait further.

4 Family Life: Almost seven years completed. Being a bachelor is having good moments. I enjoyed the same. Now I want to taste the family life.

General Points:

As a eldest son, I hope I have obeyed your orders / commands till date. As a brother I have done my duties for my sister’s marriage. I have shared your burden also. I have not done anything to give any disrespect to you and our family.
Till now I am always at your disposal and I hereby confirm I will be with you till my life.

I believe I have given enough reasons for my marriage. Please do the ne



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