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Sep 19, 2007

The email stories:2 - 98M27:An Autobiography

This was one of the series of mails I sent to my friends while working in Vibromech, I give the exact mail here.

date Aug 7, 2006 4:51 PM subject 98M27:An Autobiography

"..When I first entered my hostel room ( Room No-149) , I had a little hesitation .The boys were so charming ,or it seemed to, and friendly...""...When did my tryst for English begin? ..." ..

During our lab at computer department, one senior girl ( now should be called as aunty) ,asked something in English . I was out., beaten black and blue ,perplexed and completely washed out and could not understand what she asked me..( Mouli can certainly remember this incident ).........."

" ... How can I raise myself against the so called convent educated classmates and the madras mangoes.? ..."" ........These madras boys and some of the tutucorin and thirunelveli friends , who were reading english books and novels..."".....I even did not know the names like Mario Puzo ,Agatha Christi and Sydney Sheldon ....""...

Oh. They were discussing God Father and Sherlok Homes ...By this time I have landed up with Kumudam and Anatha vikatan..."

Excerpts from the Book , 98M27 : An Autobiography

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