As long as we have memories , yesterday remains ; As long as we have hope ,tomorrow awaits. As long as we have friendship,each day is never a waste.

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Sep 19, 2007

The email stories-Friendship :Strictly Male

This was one of the series of mails I sent to my friends while working in Vibromech, I give the exact mail here.

from Karthika Petchinathan

subject Friendship: Strictly Male

"Can you remember your first friend's name.Got him.? Then Who is he? Is he your fellow toddler ? Or Is he your childhood catapult playmate? Or Can you unfold your brain cells and get the Kushi Vjay -Jothika type baby friendship.?

No, I can't. This is your answer. We all normally forgot all our street friends,with whom we grown and acquired the great words like....P for and K for.....

.......Friendship is like a marriage ,which should be continue throughout the life.When you forgot all the memories of our school friends and street friends, then we can not call it as friendship...

........When did the true friendship started.? What is true friendship? Where did you use the words like mama,machi,mappi, mamu and mappilai before your college entry....

........Can we continue the friendship forever? Which is the breaking point? Marriage or Girl friend?..........
................Really don't know, what to say at the time of our friendship melt?......

........Till ,What do you want more when all your friends around with you.... LIFE ROCKS......

Excerpts from the book " Friendship: Strictly Male" Authored by karthika petchinathan Published by Music lovers Copyright -2006

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