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Apr 7, 2008

The Email Stories

The Email Stories

His Name is Bala*Krishnan*

Hi all,

First ..

Machi , i am sorry, i could not come on your son's birthday...Will try to come any other day in the coming week.
Kathir, again gone coimbatore for treatment.
Me and saravana as usual .. nothing special from my side.
Punnai at last gave up the idea to get a girl friend.

Finally, it s again gooja's dance. But this time he bit robo...

here we go,

when robo wanted to book a bus ticket to madurai , he requested gooja . Robo told the locality of travel agent. It is near to Hosur bus stand. There is a hotel near to the booking office.

''Machi, Gayathri bhavan pakkathula thana yerku antha travels" gooja asked robo.
Robo " koiyala ,, antha hotel peru menaktchi bhavan da. Gayathri yen pondadti peru "...
'' sorry machi,, tongue slip akiduchu...". gooja replied.
The next day, robo's wife called Gooja as '' Anna "...

Guys .....beware... dhanush type boys are around you.


Gooja .. eppoda ellarukkum pathirikai vakka pora .. avanavan usura kaila pidichundu unnoda kaalatha ottittu irukaanga..

11/13/2007 09:40 PM

RE: just for jolly

:)))))))))))))))))))) mama....ennala control panna mudiyala sirippa.... dei gooja dog.......

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