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Apr 9, 2008

How to write the Email on last day in the office

How to write the Email on last day in the office

First time , it was a big task. After that I become a expert . What I am talking ? Writing a resignation and a last day's message / mail.

Here is the one, that I believe a good one.

From: Karthika Petchinathan S Vibromech Date: Mon, May 21, 2007 at 4:41 PM Subject: Believe me .... ? this is my last day ...

Believe me .... ? this is my last day ...

Dear All,

I believe you all know that today is my last working day in Vibromech.( Of course , I myself postponed the date on several time ).
I am just thinking what has to be mailed on the final day.

I titled this as 'Vote of Thanks'

I can say everyday in Vibromech is a memorable one.Someday, I got a big shout from the customer .Other day, I opened my big mouth on any one of vibromech. Sometimes , I made our customers happy and many times they were the reasons for my crying.
However ,I know it is a great privilege for me to work under our CMD / JMD. Despite several shortcomings on my part, Our management has given the opportunity and I believe I have passed the half way mark.

During this period, I have learned a lot. I am honestly saying, Vibromech has given me the best career option and my outlook and my personality has changed a lot , I believe. I am always grateful to our CMD , JMD and Balu sir , who have allowed me to continue at Vibromech for a couple months for my survival.

Dear Sirs , Pals and Comrades ,

I know I am going to miss all of you and the fun.As a professional , my behavior towards you is not the best one. If I did anything wrong to you while working, I request you to erase the incident from your memory lane.
I thank you everyone for the whole hearted cooperation and support.
I particularly thank my colleague Jagdish, who has given me immense support. I believe Laksmi madam will miss me in Vibromech.
I am going to miss my friends Pads, Ashok , Durai, madhu and the guys in the development dept.

I dont have any words other than friendship while describing my association with Narayanan sir.I have got a good number of beautiful days with him.Thank you sir.

I request you all, to keep in touch with me at :

thank you for everything
karthika petchinathan.

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