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Oct 31, 2008

Lost in Transition

Lost in Transition

We don’t know how we are loosing our great good friends, with whom we had the unforgettable memories in the past.

One such Lost happened recently. Whatever the reason, the pages Muthukumar has written in my college life, don’t get fade.

2008/9/30 Pavithran P

7:08 PM me: r u alive ?

7:41 PM Pavithran: ya. i am how r u?

7:45 PM me: fine .. u ? pune?

7:46 PM Pavithran: ya

where r u?

7:47 PM me: Chennai. u?

7:48 PM Pavithran: tata technologies

7:49 PM me: s s... with vadivalagan and pattu.. right?

7:50 PM Pavithran: ya

7:51 PM is life going

7:52 PM me: fine... same usual.

7:56 PM u knw muthukumar got married/ did he invited u

8:01 PM Pavithran: no da

this is a news for me

8:03 PM me: similarly i got this news. he didnt inform me. i dont knw. infact he knws my no.. shankarasubramainam told me

Pavithran: thats ok..forget

8:04 PM buddy got to go

me: s s.. i just felt ... since we had a good time

in the college

Pavithran: give me ur no.

8:05 PM hay

give me ur no.

8:06 PM me:

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