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Nov 12, 2008

Sharan –The mother

Sharan –The mother

I know her from my childhood. She is one of the kinds, who never show her emotions.

She is so practical and used to say ‘Nothing in our hand ’.

During her school days, she was the Gang leader and the gang’s only objective was to make the teacher to run out of the class.

Her 5 year college days were more hilarious to hear.

But all her funny acts were think of past now.

She is a mother now. When I gone to see her 6 months old son last week, I was surprised.
She completely transformed herself into motherhood.

I know that every girl / woman have the same feel.

But for me, since I have seen her as a baby, a school going girl and a matured woman, It is a new face of her.

She lives every moment for her baby boy .She enjoys every bit of her motherhood. She even composed a song with some dummy words like chellam,pattus ,pappa etc and sings the song whenever the boy start crying.

It is really a treat to watch her and son together. Who is she ? She is a my sweet sister sharanya.

How these girls changed when they gave birth?

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