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Mar 21, 2009

How much Karthika Petchinathan deserved to be loved

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 5:31 PM, karthika petchinathan wrote:

How much Karthika Petchinathan deserved to be loved ( Tital inspiration -The curious case of Benjamin ....)

It was a different experience, having a complete filmy feel though it was a realistic one.

I searched the gal all over and finally I found that she was just 8km away from my village. I used to thought before, somebody -the gal will come and make change in me and guide me through the rest of my life. I expected a girl of clear cut shrewdness, level headed at the same time should have the respect for family values .This is the very clear case of ideal life partner or wife.

When I saw this gal’s photo along with kathir and gooja , I thought she is the one.

Knowing clearly that, this gal doesn’t belong to the category of my thoughts , I told my mom I am ok .Somehow, I liked her. Before that as the horoscopes have been matched and we, both our side and the gal’s side were happy about the results. Both the sides wanted me to do the ‘customary, filmy ponnu parkkum program.

I spent some sleepless, pitiless nights before the ponnu parkkum item .Kathir and gooja knows how I tortured them.

It was a classic case of Ponnu parrkm program..I gone there along with my family.

I saw this gal . It was a very rare moment that I have ever seen in the films only, this gal is having all the shyness while seeing a guy. She dint see me directly but wanted to see me how I looks .She did that with a typical filmy style. I really enjoyed the moments as I felt that I was part of the screenplay and ofcourse I was the hero.

After some time, we were allowed to talk in a separate room. She is a village belle .She is doing MSC (IT) in a local college.

I know, I really don’t have the choice of explaining her of my Hollywood film exposure or Hindi songs or my knowledge of world affairs or my affections for films or my interest for writing . Because she was not ready to hear all these provided she has been knocked out by my presence .She displayed all her shyness while sitting near to me.

I explained my job nature and my current month company (please note, current month company) etc.. Before that we exchanged these words “ yenna piducirukka “ ..

I am sure she don’t know about orkut or facebook or brad bit or Tom cruise

I took this attached photo at that time. I know she liked me very much.

During the proceeding she asked for not sporting the meesai .. I managed the scene.

Now ,Not only her, ‘sporting a moustache is their family’s wish .

All these incidents, I came to understand the real in me. I am just struggling to get the romantic feel. I am trying to cope with her romantic words, like whenever she called and say ‘ sapitacha , yenna panreenga ,yenna ninacheengagala etc. I felt I am little old to for a romance now. I know the feeling of this girl and try to set my mind in the posture.

It is completely different feel, though cinematic, it is real...

I don’t know her innocence ( as of now ) is advantage for our future life or not.

She is just going to cross 22 in sep and she is having that kind of maturity. Being brought up in a closed village, she is thinking and doing romance with her would be husband like a typical village heroine in the films. She is just mad about me and loving me unconditionally. Now I am having the biggest responsibility of taking her up my side and teach the nuances of a city life .Who knows, there is a chance of myself changing her side..I believe happy days are ahead.

Note: 1.Grammatical errors are inevitable.

2. Don’t share this mail, when you have time to speak with her in near future.

3. I hope, as usual I conveyed the incidents / affairs in a story format.
4.Please advice , this time, shall i post this in my blog.



.On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 8:43 PM, Sriram.Ramakrishnan

Wonderful to read your stuff da… I never had all these experiences da maama.. nee enna feel panna vechutta.. In my love marriage(Apdithan sollipom), I never had this ponnu paarkum stuff,shyness,hero,etc….

Good that you like her and she likes/loves you very much..

I wish you a fun filled pre and post marriage life…

I need to hear more from you after getting married.. That too after 90 days.. J

Enjoy da,

On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 2:26 AM,
WOW...that felt like watching a Bharathiraaja movie.

Anyways, I guess Congratulations are in order !!!!

I'll call you this weekend mama.

Thanks Bala

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 8:26 PM, ChandraMouli Sankaranarayanan wrote:

MamsU r a lucky guy : ))Love you ..Shall talk to u tmrw..hi all mamas , am i imagining or do i really feel a romantic note here..time to investigate ..Kathir , gooja dey ange ennada nadanthathu..plsssssssss updateps Ponnu enna height de?

On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 10:51 AM, nathan ks wrote:

I think its time to bid adieu to your blog with a quote " ...and then they lived happily ever

after."Coming back to your is one of the best piece of writings you have posted after a

very long time ( ignoring all grammar and spelling mistakes). You have really poured out your

heart rather than forcing yourself to write something for the sake of telling something. Though it

is a " aale illaadha tea kadai" and also you would have sent this mail to all those(?) who read your

blog...but I think it is good to update your blog with a final post. (remember this will be a sequel

to Valentina where is my romatina).I think akka looks great for you and it is a blessing that she

is not polluted with all this yo-yo things such as Orkut, tom cruise or twitter. Please don't show

this chauvinistic feeling of I am from City and she is dumb, attitude to her. I mean let us learn to

enjoy that freshness and truthness that is there in that rustic characteristics of your fiancee. To

sum it in a short sentence " Ade..idhuve nammakkellam jaasthida vennuru"Happy kadali

till marriage and as you ended "Happy days are ahead" is for sure.All the best. p.s: Thanks for that brief write up on pen veetil thaaniya pesum padalam...i will be having one soon and now i know what should not be spoken in that session :-)

On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 12:42 PM, jothy jagadeesh wrote:

Its amazing and i wonder am i seeing the old Karthi who was ingenious, taintless, winsome and of course and i hope (may be wrong) dewy-eyed.

It seems really funny to know that that old Karthi has accelerated and its indulging me.

Rather am short of time and will sure drop a little regarding that sooner or later.



  1. pazha ...ya mis anadu ramya varaduka im vry hapy my brother got one gud girl

  2. Hi there,

    I just landed here in this blog post by chance when I browse through the blogs in Indiblogger.

    Ur post is feel-good kind to read...

    a suggestion for you.. better take off the photo of your fiance that you have posted in the blog... Not all ppl are good in this web... some may misuse it.. why are you giving a chance yourself for it??

    i just thought of telling u this suggestion..